Sofía was born in Madrid, a city she really loves. Through her childhood she lived in different countries, something that helped to create her music with a wide range of influences. In her own words music is “like a real person who follows me around at all times and for whom I live. It might sound stereotyped but it´s the most sincere truth”.

She says her parents never sang any lullabies to her, and that all she listened to as a baby was jazz. That might be the reason why she acknowledges influences from singers such as Billie Holiday, Amy Winehouse & Etta James to name a few.

The songs that Sofia writes come from deep inside and speak of emotions wide ranging, telling of experience and understanding of life, way beyond her young age.

In 2016, after many years writing songs she spent several weeks in Lima-Peru, recording her first album “Mistakes at 2 am”. This is her first album, documenting her life to this point. The album is now available from iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, CD Baby and by emailing the contact page on this site for a CD copy.

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